What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have been a business consultant for over 15 years. Using and experiencing products like the DISC, Drake P3, Kolby, and many others I have found a nugget of a product called PDP. Global Behavior's LA License and the PDP product allows me to offer an easy, validated, and accurate process that transcends hiring the right person. The PDP survey provides confident direction in strategic and business development. My clients have really embraced this program and the return of investment is amazing."

Paul Vishnesky, Owner, Hire Dimensions

"The program has helped break down the barriers amongst the management team in a way that undressed each of us amongst our peers and showed what makes us tick and why we do what we do. This in itself has helps us tremendously in our communication because we are no longer afraid or apprehensive to say something to one another in fear of the reaction."

Kevin Sheridan, Division Manager, Penhall

"Don, your ability to so quickly and accurately evaluate situations and people continues to surprise and encourage us. You've brought a lot of wisdom through the doors that has proven to save us money through reducing potential personnel problems, made us more relaxed and understanding toward others and affirmed each of us as individuals regarding who we are and what we do well."

Heather Risner, Administrative Director, MPSA

"I love the technology and the insight it is giving me. With PDP a lot of the mystery and uncertainty goes away."

John Schneider, HR Director, Biotronic

"They are unbelievably accurate and indicative of the kind of people we are hiring. Without a doubt, it has helped me place individuals in the right positions."

Stephen Foy, Exec. VP, Peter C. Foy & Associates

"I wish to thank you and your associates for your participation in makiing our 'Zing' team building project a prodigious success. We are totally amazed with the results of the PDP technology and would highly recommend it to any organization, public or private."

Gary Noda, Planner, State of Hawaii

"Thanks again for all of your support and helping our organization achieve more through PDP."

Thomas Jones, GM, Gyotaku Hawaii

"Rarely have I encountered a product that at first appears 'too good to be true', later to find that it is really good and really true. With the advanced insight that ProScan profiles provide, the product will pay for itself in a short period of time in reduced turnover and effective conflict resolutions."

Denise Hummel, HR Manager, Linn Products

"The power of the assessment tool combined with the experience of Global Behavior's talents has individuals in my organization reflecting and acting on being the most effective team possible."

Daniel Pappas, Exec. Director, MI Institute for Eductional Mgmt

"My law office uses this service for hiring new staff members. This method of review, assessment and later hiring of staff members has resulted in a savings of time and money to our firm."

William G. Jackson, P.C.

"Your program has helped us to get to know each person and their individual style much better. This is certainly a vital step in moving the organization from a traditional one, to one which is based on teams."

Bill Stout, GM, Allied Motion-Stature Electric

"My staff and I agree with the results. I have saved two valued employees so far, who were ready to resign due to burnout. We did not have a clue there were any problems prior to the profile. Through counseling and mentoring, we are preventing these undesired turnovers."

Gregory Krantz, GM, Stellana US

"Your analyses were the best I have ever seen/heard...and I have taken several different profiles. I found them to be thorough, positive, frank, and accurate."

Susan Fenner, PhD, Professional Secretaries Intn't

"I would conservatively estimate that the actual cost of NOT following the findings of PDP was $75,000 in 2007 because of a poor hire. In the last two years, I believe our organization has had a return of nearly $200,000 due to making the RIGHT hire. Now everyone on our team completes the analysis annually. It is a positive team-building activity that helps team members understand one another better."

Jason Crawford, VP, Block Imaging International, Inc.

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