Having all the skills, talents, and gifts of a sport is not enough.

Traditionally, coaches search for methods to motivate their athletes with a hit or miss approach, neglecting the true needs of team members. Today it is possible to understand an athlete's natural behavior by providing coaches with insight to draw out a player's innate skills.

Unless leadership really knows each individual player, coaching for continuous success is unpredictable. Organizations are now using the PDP behavioral assessment of each player to provide the coach with the playbook to coach individually and collectively for team success.

Applications For Your Program:


  • Hiring the right staff
  • Developing a truly effective leadership team
  • Improve communications and reduce conflict
  • Eliminate the learning curve - learn who your players are quickly


  • Improve communication between coaches and players
  • Establish personalized motivators
  • Improve team cohesiveness
  • Improve overall performance
Team sports naturally are all about the team, but it is critical to focus initially on individual players. Businesses have adopted concepts from team sports for years, and now coaches are applying business concepts to team sports to gain a competitive edge.


"In working with the Duke team on their mental approach to football, I found the PDP system to be very helpful in gaining a fuller understanding of he players and helping coaches to understand how best to motivate, teach, and encourage their student athletes."

Richard Keefe, PhD, Associate Professo of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University Medical Center

"As a coach, it is a huge asset to have instant understanding of my student athletes. It shows how much energy they can give me, how they learn, how I can motivate then, and most importantly how to provide an environment to allow success."

Head Coach, Montana State University

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