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Welcome to MyFamily Behavior

Do you want to find out about your family and why they do what they do? Just because we are family does not mean we understand each other since we all have our own unique behavioral fingerprint.

You may know your father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, father-in-law or mother-in-law, etal, but do you understand them and furthermore do they understand you.

Why do so many family members dread or resist going to family gatherings because of being offended by past offenses or being judgmental?

Would there be value to reduce or eliminate misunderstandings within the family? What would that peace of mind be worth?

Family counselors charge hundreds and thousands of dollars to interview to learn the behaviors of the family. Now in the comfort of your home you can have this for only $47 a person.

(Surveys may be completed by family members as young as 10 years and up.)

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There is an old saying, "You can pick your friends, but you cannot pick your family."

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