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Welcome to Couple Behavior

The successful relationship is based on thorough understanding of each other, no matter the length of the relationship.

Couple Behavior makes good relationships exceptional.

Relationships begin with a physical attraction typically maintained by trial and error.

Can you identify with the following:
  • It feels like we have a hard time saying what we mean.
  • It feels like we disagree more than agree.
  • It feels like we do not understand each other.
  • It feels like we do not know what each other needs.
  • It feels like we talk but do not really hear each other

Finding out about yourself for a greater understanding of your natural behaviors and why you do what you do is fun and easy.

Take a few minutes and complete 60 short word descriptors answering on a scale of 1-5 to get your 25-page report immediately for an unbelievable investment of only $47.

Now click "Get Your Personal Report Button" and enjoy learning about yourself.

What other couples are saying about our service.
We've been married for 35 years. These reports have really opened our eyes to the reasons we fight sometimes and how we react to each other because we have very different behavior styles.

-Jon & Mary
Bethesda, MD United States


View A Report Sample.
This is a sample of the behavioral assessment report that you and your significant other will receive after completing the assessment form.


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