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School Solutions
Succeeding With At-Risk Students

"Nationwide, only about 70 percent of all high school students graduate on time..." "The failure to graduate every child prepared for the twenty-first century has serious consequences for individual students and their parents, but it also has major repercussions for American society at every level." (Alliance for Excellent Education)

Global Behavior's passion for seeing that all students excel developed a program specifically targeted to the goal of ALL STUDENTS MUST GRADUATE. This program will assist schools in increasing the number of students to complete their education and to go on to higher education and/or into the workforce.

What this program will accomplish:
  • Identify behavioral traits strengths and weaknesses in students, parents and staff
  • Provide for a win-win counseling and instructional process for teachers, counselors and administrators.
  • Develop successful intervention strategies for student behavioral and/or learning issues.
  • Help educators understand behavioral traits when applied to real world settings.
  • Determine the most accurate instructional fit or approach to students
  • Use actual data to assist all stakeholders in bringing collaborative energy to students.
  • Improve communication and develop effective relationships among and between faculty, students, parents and the community.
  • and more...
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Read Article on Education Engagement from Education Commission of the States, Vol. 8, No. 3, September 2007 (PDF)

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