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Church Administration

Church leaders and volunteers deal with similar issues as in business. If their gifts or skill sets are not utilized in the position(s) where they excel, the organization (church) will suffer from a lack of efficiency and mismanagement.

The concept is simple, but profound. Throughout the Bible there is a noble emphasis on getting understanding and wisdom. Psalms 4:4 Finding understanding is wisdom.


Today, leading the body of Christ from the challenges of the world is greater than ever before. We have customized solutions for issues such as unjustified stress, miscommunications, interpersonal conflicts, and putting the right staff in the right positions.

The value of the organization is built on the strength of the volunteer staff. As with paid staff, not only must they possess the gifts and skills to perform the task, they need the ability to follow through. Behavior is the key! We have the ability to pinpoint each volunteer's behavior quickly and accurately to eliminate the frustration and disappointment of not being able to serve.

As examples, these behavioral challenges may manifest in the parking lot with parking porters, at the front door with the greeters or the usher not smiling and providing the proper assistance.

We have a variety of programs which can be added to your retreats, workshops and/or seminars in various situations:

Attracting and Hiring the Best

To create accurate job models for attracting, interviewing, and hiring the best candidate.

  • Prioritizes and weights key skills and strengths for the position being filled
  • Provides job-matching questions for interviewing
  • Nurtures understanding of how to communicate for the Best Response
  • Strengthens hiring managers knowledge and skills for making the right hiring decision
Developing Effective Communication Skills

To develop quality working relationships through improved communication skills.

  • Builds a Bridge for Communication between individuals and within teams
  • Constructs a Personal Communication Style and encourages appreciation of the styles of others
  • Nurtures understanding of how to communicate for the Best Response
  • Identifies Skills to Develop and models an Action Plan
Building High Performance Teams

To build high performance teams or work groups..

  • Promotes All-STAR teams based on Strengths, Trust, Accountability and Results
  • Assesses team environment, identity, and purpose
  • Connects Strengths and Skills for team role/job and fosters Trust through mutual respect
  • Establishes team Accountability and teaches skills to turn conflict into productive direction
  • Challenges individuals to commit to specific Action steps for team Results
Strengthening Leadership Performance

To develop effective leadership skills through personal evaluation and group process.

  • Defines the ACE of leadership as Authentic, Competent and Empowering
  • Measures leadership culture of the organization and leadership skills of the individual
  • Focuses on Skills to Develop designed to turn limitations into abilities
  • Teaches ways to affirm appropriately and how to build accountability in relationships
Understanding Personal Strengths

To understand Basic/Natural Self: traits, decision-making style and energy measures.

  • Introduces team members to the PDP Integrated Management System
  • Builds an appreciation for the individual's own strengths
  • Improves relationships by helping each person value strengths and styles of others

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