We have a variety of programs which can be added to your retreats, workshops and/or seminars in various situations:

Attracting and Hiring the Best To create accurate job models for attracting, interviewing, and hiring the best candidate.
  • Prioritizes and weights key skills and strengths for the position being filled
  • Analyzes individual perceptions of the job requirements
  • Prepares effective advertising for attracting the best applicants
  • Provides job-matching questions for interviewing
  • Strengthens hiring managers knowledge and skills for making the right hiring decision
Developing Effective Communication Skills To develop quality working relationships through improved communication skills.
  • Builds a Bridge for Communication between individuals and within teams
  • Constructs a Personal Communication Style and encourages appreciation of the styles of others
  • Nurtures understanding of how to communicate for the Best Response
  • Identifies Skills to Develop and models an Action Plan
Building High Performance Teams To build high performance teams or work groups.
  • Promotes All-STAR teams based on Strengths, Trust, Accountability and Results
  • Assesses team environment, identity, and purpose
  • Connects Strengths and Skills for team role/job and fosters Trust through mutual respect
  • Establishes team Accountability and teaches skills to turn conflict into productive direction
  • Challenges individuals to commit to specific Action steps for team Results
Strengthening Leadership Performance To develop effective leadership skills through personal evaluation and group process.
  • Defines the ACE of leadership as Authentic, Competent and Empowering
  • Measures leadership culture of the organization and leadership skills of the individual
  • Focuses on Skills to Develop designed to turn limitations into abilities
  • Teaches ways to affirm appropriately and how to build accountability in relationships
Understanding Personal Strengths To understand Basic/Natural Self: traits, decision-making style and energy measures.
  • Introduces team members to the PDP Integrated Management System
  • Builds an appreciation for the individual’s own strengths
  • Improves relationships by helping each person value strengths and styles of others
The non-profit environment can attract some interesting behavioral challenges. Many of the symptoms experienced are similar to profitable businesses. That means they are not prone just to the non-profit arena, such as low employee morale, miscommunication and bitterness between co-workers.
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